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Interview with Blodarv(DK)

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Blodarv came alive in the frozen depths of the darkest of nights on the frozen plains of Denmark. A evil gesture calling himself Hugin (a demon feared by man) spawned forth already several albums with this band.

Hails Hugin.First i want to tell you its a big fucking privilege to interview you, especially due your busy schedule. Please, introduce yourselves and the history of BLODARV how it all came to life?

Hails, no problem at all, ill gladly do this interview.

BLODARV came to life along with my other doings back in the 90's. lyrics were made from 1996 up to 1998 for the first demo "murder in the name of Satan". BLODARV has released 3.demos and 6. pro releases ( 2. split), but the story behind it all is really long and complicated, so I will advice people to read our bio on or , it would simply take to much time here. Hope its ok

I noticed you also have been active with other bands/projects in the past.What sort of bands were they? And is BLODARV a continuation of those other bands/projects.

You could in a way say that, but not entirely. BLODARV is its own, but of course there are elements from my earlier bands in BLODARV, you can kind of say I have used all my experience from my other bands in BLODARV, but I created BLODARV on the side of my other bands, so you cant say it's a continuation of them, I created BLODARV because I wanted a 110 percent personal band, and because I didn't want any other peoples influence on BLODARV.(as in my other bands were I had to work with other members and discuss things) A band were I could express my most personal thoughts, visions, demons, art etc with me as the only person to take the decisions and make the music, lyrics etc.

My other projects are bands as HUGIN, SKJOLD, ARANR┘TH, SANS┬GER, ESSOUPI, and GWATH

(You can listen to SANS┬GER, SKJOLD and ARANR┘TH on myspace) the styles in each band are quite different.

What was the past, present and future line-up?and will you continue in this line-up for time to come? and do the rest of the members also play in other bands/projects?

I know for instance the drummer Ynleborgaz is in the line-up as session member (his main band is Angantyr). Never thought of asking him for permanent basis?

I started alone and released the first 2 demos "Murder in the name of Satan" and Mysteriis" with me as the only member. then ISAZ (which Also has played in Denial Of God & FEIKN) joined on female vocal in 2002 for the "beyond life" demo. Later on Huul joined on Bass for the "Soulcollector..the thousand years tale" album

Satinae Ma (took over for ISAZ), Pest And Ynleborgaz Joined the band in 2007 where I decided to take the universe live on stage. And that line-up has held since then and hopefully will for many years to come.

Ynleborgaz is the only session-member, the reason he is not a full member is that it works better for both him and I to do it like that. To understand what I am talking about, you have to understand that Ynleborgaz is a very creative soul like My-self, and if he became a full member, he would want to influence the band, take decisions on the music, be a part of the creative process, etc. So he simply cant be a full member because then he would involve himself to much, and he already has his own band ANGANTYR as you also mentioned, so instead he is a session member and just have to play the drums live and in studio, not creating any tracks/music, decisions or anything else in BLODARV.

This seems to work good for both of us, so I don't think that will change in the near future.

Beside from the ones I've already mentioned, Pest also has his own project (Sepulchral cries) and HUUL is also working on his first release with his own Band, but I am not sure he found the right name for it yet.

Where do you get your influences from. May it be religion ,the amazing sight of Denmark nature and beautiful surroundings, the history of Denmark, please tell us?

I get influenced from all that's inside me, and the most that surrounds me.

All that is now, and all that has been, all that's to come, and all that will never be.. Life, death, demons, dreams, visions, energies and everything beyond and under the stars..

It would be impossible to mention 1 certain influence, as there are so many.

My universe is influenced by itself and my mind. Its an eternal creating circle that takes and gives.

A process that never slows down and never ends. I don't know how to explain it better than that Danny.

I noticed you use a female second vocalist in the line-up. Its really rare in the Black Metal style the band plays, rather unique i might say (i know more metal bands use female vocalists, but not in this input) Who is she, and how long has she played in the ranks of BLODARV already?

Yes, Satinae Ma is the female witch in BLODARV that does all the female vocals both live and in studio now.

On some of our earlier releases it was Isaz doing those (on "Beyond life "EP, "Soulcollector.."CD/LP and "Linaria Amlech" CD), but Satinae Ma joined in 2007 where Isaz -as I spoke of earlier- stopped, And now Satinae Ma is doing all female vocals in BLODARV.

As for album-releases..

Compared to the first release ever of BLODARV, are you still proud of that one, or could some things might have been changed? Where was the first album actually recorded? And which other bands do or have recorded there in the past?

No one else has recorded there since the first album and everything else has been recorded in my house.

As for the first album ever, things can always be better, and BLODARV has developed too of course, but yes I am proud of all my releases.

What kind of equipment brings forth that so raw, unpolished sound of the band. Do you use special effects on the vox, or is it your own.

The thing that goes again on all releases is : Jackson, Technics and Boss, ..Equipment that hasn't been renewed for ages. And no I don't use effects on my vocal, its my own. Maximum I use reverb (Room) a few times.. Though on the "murder in the name." Released in 1999 I over-distorted the line-in for the microphone, which gave it a distortion-like sound, but beside from that I have never use effects.

Who is the creative mind behind all of the BLODARVs lay-outs for the albums, cause they really are a piece of art.

Thank you, as it is I that do all the layouts/covers myself.

I noticed a new recording will be released 'Civitas Diaboli'. Please enlighten us about it, where it was recorded, and what we can expect for the near future to come. A DVD maybe? And was it the same artist of previous album-cover works, who did the album-art design again?

"Civitas Diaboli" was recorded both in my house and in ARK studio. It will be released on German EISENWALD TONSCHMIEDE next month I think. It will be released in a regular and a special edition. And there will also be released merchandise for it at the same time such as shirt, pin & patches, also on Eisenwald Tonschmiede.

For the future I am planning a new album, more live-shows, and yes actually I am also working on a DVD with both Live and other clips, but we will see what the future brings

And finally, yes its the same artist on the new album-cover ..Me.

I also believe the bands website deserves a mention. Its really a journey towards BLODARVs historical past. Who was responsible for the design of this one?

Many thanks. Though I haven't updated it for ages, due to a technical problem, that would be me again.

Your view upon the nowadays Black Metal scene. What has changed in time, since you have been in it for a long period already. The negative and positive sides?!

If you speak in general, so much has changed that I don't know where to begin or end, but there are not many positive I would say.

Things are just totally different these days, and it hard to explain if you haven't experienced it first-hand yourself.

Today in my opinion, things are generally very hollow and made without soul or dedication. Words are written but with nothing to say, songs are created, but there is nothing to hear.

Emotions are laid out, but there is nothing to feel..

I have very hard to see any positive sides of the development I must admit. But hey I don't know everything, so perhaps something good has come along the way, . I just don't see it. I could give you a long speech about how things has turned mainstream, and that no-one these days are true to the original thoughts of Black Metal, no dedication etc.etc. but hey, we all know that, so its just a repeating of what has already been said over and over again..Only fact is that things will never be the same again.

Final words are for you Hugin,

Allright I will use them to thank you for the interview,

and to send a big hail to all our supporting souls, witches, and demons.

May the devil be with you now and forever more!

Hail Orion of the sky tonight!

666 Hugin

Thank you very much for your time and effort, and all the best with the future of the band.

And best wishes for the new album.





Hugin of Blodarv anno 2008
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