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Interview with Nigrum Serpentis Promotions(Slo)

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Raised from the bottomless depths of Slovenia,She came,saw..and still conquers...

Hails Zana,first i want to thank you for your time.(eventhrough your busy schedule)Please,introduce yourself to the readers.

Hail Danny! I am Zana,the proud owner of Nigrum Serpentis Promotions.
The girl behind many interviews,reviews,tours,concerts and many more.

Zana,can you tell me a little bit more bout yourselves (background)
how you got into metal in the first place?
Seems your very dedicated to the metalscene in general..why this fascination?

Well first meeting with metal scene was at the age of nine.
I had several problems with my family and also other people. Was never much of a talkative person but only held my thoughts to myself and never let it out. That year I met a very special person in my life (R.I.P Teja) and being involved with a lot of depression, hate and need for revenge got me to the point where
i started to look for my own personality. Thats when i got across with a band Kharon (They dont exist anymore)
and it was my first black metal band I ever heard and was introduced to me by Teja and one of my best friends Rene.
At that point all my feelings came out and thats when i found myself. The feeling of belonging to something or someone never went away thats why such a big dedication to black metal scene.
Black metal for me is not only music, the lyrics or some painted guys wearing spikes and yelling at the mike,It is a way of life and a way of thinking. There is always something new that needs to be discovered when it comes to black metal and the journey of discovering black metal never ends.

Seems you got alot of activities going on.Please can you  tell me about your work for Metal Revolution and how it all began?Seems the zine got you started in the first place,putting your name on the underground metalmap as one of the best leading interviewers..

Holy shit I didnt knew that!Thanks for telling me! Well to introduce also Metal revolution a little bit. It is a Danish webzine that covers all aspects of metal scene in general.
Everything is in english so dont hesitate to check it out. My role there is to be assistant writer.I do interviews with bands and review there cd's and will soon start to write concert reviews.
It all began when Bato (my boss there) and I were talking about my enthusiasm for writing and discovering new black metal arts. He invited me to write for MR and i tryed and it got me to the point where I don't want to leave MR at all. Not that I would ever want to leave it before.

So it seems Bato knew already he had a very special girl in the ranks.Personally i wouldnt let you go also,if i knew you would be such creative force,and such dedicated individual for the BM scene..talking bout the BM scene,
what is your opinion bout the BM scene nowadays,and what are your thoughts bout BM being linked to NS..

BM scene nowadays is getting to a point of being a complete bullshit.
To many bands trying to be Darkthrone and Dark Funeral alike. Black metal is not corpsepaint, spikes and yelling at people on the concert but it is all about making music with feelings and writing lyrics that matters.
World is not just about Satan and god but also about other things that matters more! And Black metal being linked to NS. You cant use music for politics. But you can use politics for music.
Thats the thing most of the people doesn't understand. Sure it is ok if someone says: I listen to also NSBM bands,But think about it before you say: I am NSBM.

Seems BM gets more political influenced,especially youngsters take a big example with the likes of Varg Vikernes (murderer of Oystein Aarseth),with the idea its cool to murder a person,or just follow the NS path...personally i think they are mainstream people,who dont know what  to do with their lifes..
what are your thoughts bout the 'new'stream of BM and kids take an example like figures as Varg Vikernes?

If they want to kill people it doesnt bothers me. It bothers me that they want to do it only to get  in the headlines and covers. Fame and being in the centre of worlds attention only proves teenagers stupidity as they obviously dont have enough strengt to shape their own personality.
Following these "idols" for me is not ok. There can only be one Varg Vikernes..
or only one Oystein Aarseth. Not thousands of them trying to be the same of them.They should start searching for something better to do that just think about what can they do to be like them.

Yes..i believe also..when you give a band its own identity,
you have more self trust..and know you can do better than even the forefathers of the scene.
So...heading for the next subject Nigrum Serpentis promotions.What is your intention with this Promotionagency,besides writing reviews and doing interviews with bands...and i can really have done alot bands already...

My main goal with Nigrum Serpentis Promotions is to help bands as much as I can!
I don't take money which seems to be really weird for people but that is the point. If you are trying to help..then you dont ask them to pay for your help. So i basicly do anything a band asks me to do. For free!!! I search labels for them, make flyers and posters if i have to, search for cd cover  artists or get them someone to draw a logo for them, organize concert, tour or try to get them to play at festivals and many other things that takes most of my daily time.
I dont know if I have done many bands cause for me it seems its never enough.
I could always work with more bands, do more for them, do my work better.

From what i have noticed you have done an excellent job already..and many bands would grateful with somebody like you...but any bands in particular you are working now for getting a label..gigs..and everything that comes along with all seems so time demanding..where do you get the time..ahahahhaha....which bands are the last you addet to N.S.P..and tell the readers something bout the bands.

Oh this is going to be a long answer. First of all thanks for your compliment.
I really appreciate it! So thank you for all your nice words you always seem to find the words that gives more strength to go on for people! Right now(at this exact moment) I am searching for a label for a slovenian black
metal band Naberius, organizing few tours and a lot of concerts. It is time demanding thats for sure so I dont have much time for other things. I cant even think about free time! I work and work and work my ass off. But I do it because I like my work! If you like doing something you find time no matter what!
The latest NSP additions are slovenian black metal band Naberius, two bands that are on the scene since 1995,those are Empty and Yaotzin and also folk black metal band Aethereal Sky from California.
I have to mention also that recently there has been one important addition to the NSP band roster.
To everybody well known band Dark Fortress. I got a lot of great feedback to get them among NSP bands.
And to tell something more about NSP bands. They are all underground black metal bands. I dont deal with rockstars or commercial black metal. they dont need help and it is not in my interest to support the band i dont even like or listen. I support underground bands that works hard, gets something new for the scene and deserves other people's attention.

I understood you also manage various different bands.Which ones,where do they come from,and what are your plans for them...

Yes it's true. Besides the last days on my college and my NSP and EOM activites I am also a band manager. So far I am a band manager of 10 bands. Artep from Canada that are in stage of recording new material and Andy from King Diamond will do the mastering!

Aeons In Torment from Italy that is a really great but unknown band and definetly deserves more attention than they get so far.

Almighty Emperor is yet another band that is not well known but really deserves some time to be checked out. They are from Brazil and they are really nice guys!

Kaiserreich is getting more and more known among the underground bands, labels and people. They are also from Italy and i hope I will work with and for them for a long time!

Mora is the only Slovenian band that i manage and so far it looks good and it is even better when you can work with bands personally and over internet. It is always good to see bands to whom you are being a manager on stage!Makes you proud!

The rest of the bands are another two Italian bands Stormcrow and Tristan for who I will start to work my ass off really soon to get them more concerts and to get them on festivals next year so get ready for them!

The most famous band that im being manager for is Pantheon I(Ex-1349 band members and Koldbrann members)
from Norway. These guys have made a lot in small amount of time.And they have a girl  handling a cello, that makes the music even better!

The last two bands are Shadowthrone from Mexico and Vedmak from Russia. Both bands extremely raw and worth of your time when you re listening to their music.

My plans for these bands. First of all I need to get some of them labels. But it's not going as fast as i want it to go! Second stage will be concerts and tours. Eventually get them on stages all over europe. And of course telling more stuff about them in the upcoming Nigrum Serpentis Book that will involve all infos about bands and their releases including their reviews and interviews we have done together and also with their posters, flyers, pictures, tour dates and everything I will think of to put in that book!

What are your favorite personal bands besides Yawgmoth of course..and your do you see yourself in about lets say 1 year from now...still remaing true to the underground..or  reaching for higher levels...

Ha ha. Yes Yawgmoth are one of my favourite bands. But my first favourite black metal band was Azaghal from Finland. And it is a great honour for me to work with my all favourite bands! Catamenia, Azaghal, Blodarv and Yawgmoth. In about one year from now I see myself in Finland!
Haha but seriously I do see myself there but I also see myself still being dedicated to my work, bands, black metal and dedicated to follow my own mind and help that i offer to the bands.
I am always reaching for higher levels. But always in area of black metal.
People would say higher leves is when you completely change yourself..for me higher level is to get more feelings or more different opinions(new ones and important ones of course)about music i deal with and people i work with and bands i help to.So one year from now on you will see me kicking ass of people that are being dickheads on the scene and teenage kids that listenes to black metal for two months and doesnt feel a shit for the music.

And as far as it goes for my idols. I had idols in the past. When i was young and stupid as everyone on this planet. But when I finally realized that having an idol is like trying to be someone you are not..
in that second my world dedication to be what i am has grown and idols can suck a wooden stick as far as i care.
I have no idols. I follow only myself and no one else. I dont really care about people's opinions.
There is a minimum % of people that are worth of my time and my energy or of them gets my "ignore" behaviour pretty damn fast if they dont tell exactly what they want from me.
I am not planning to spend my time for idiots, posers or shitheads. There is to much of them. If you want  bussiness  im here, if you want to be my friend..No WAY! I have a really small circle of friends and they have
earned that sign after years of knowing me.

So..thats straight to the point..i think most people should read this answer pretty  good..cause..if you have an idol..doesnt mean you have to be it!!!
Same goes for suicides in the BM scene..those choices were made by doesnt mean you have to follow their path..Everybody has his own path to follow...That is what Satanism all is about!Individualism...
seperating yourselves from the rest of the horde..

Thank you for explaining it us in such explicit details,its important to know what drives a person like you..and should be much more like them...and it proves cause you addet Dark Fortress..not an average underground BM band...they are quite unique,so any special plans for them,maybe getting them on the Metal Camp stage next year?
I know you also work in the MC organization!Where did that come from?

My special plans for Dark Fortress. No special plans except getting them some concerts and help them with promotion. As for the Metalcamp. I helped few bands to get there on MC stages. With telling them when is the right time to send CD's to the Metalcamp organizators. I worked on MC itself as a waitress behing the main bar in front of the main stage.
As for the next year I hope that a lot of NSP bands will play there. I already have the application that bands needs to send to the MC organizers and will send it around along with the rules how to get your time of performing on MC stage next year.
Dark Fortress already played this year as well as Catamenia(another NSP band) and hopefully and with support of their fans they will play there next year aswell if there will be enough interest.

That sounds bands have a job laying out ahead of them..with the applying and all..hope it will work for all the NSP MC have only them..ahahahahha....Oh..i noticed this excellent band on your profile...Yawgmoth!It came to my intention they are in the stage recording a 2nd album...please tell me more bout them..and what you expect for their future..

Oh yes. The one and only Yawgmoth. They are a really talented band from Netherlands that already has one release "Macabre" and is in stage of recording their second album as you mentioned. They are young but already
achieved a lot on the scene! And brought something fresh to listen not only the one and only used riffs. I expect a lot from them in the future. They definetly stick out with few other bands on NSP and people loves
their sound. They are also going on tour with danish black metallers Blodarv and hopefully we will have more venues confirmed for that! People in Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and france get ready for some serious asskicking of Yawgmoth on stage! It also amaze me their thinking about the nowadays scene and their creativity.
There is not enough time or space in this interview to tell everything about them but I can honestly say that Yawgmoth will get to the top really soon and when they get to that point I will stand behind them and support them no matter what ...and an army of other people as well.

That sounds like all hell will break loose than,when both bands finally will perform!But yes..i like the sound Yawgmoth uses also for their music.Readers should check them out on..

and for Blodarv..

or visit their site at.. more last thing...your modelling agency..LOL...I always wanted to be model..but my beerbelly wouldnt let me...tell me something bout this whole idea..

He he again the modelling thing. I guess I cant escape from mocking of my agency!! he he. The whole idea behind Eternus Obscurum modelling agency is to create agency that will be different than all other modelling agencies.You have gothic agencies that sometimes has a sign:no black metal models with inverted crossed wanted.
That serious got to my nerves until the point when i lost my temper, got pissed off and also wanted to crush my ex boss from the agency i used to work for.
I decided to open a black metal modelling agency and it is going pretty well. Bands wants models for their videos,or a girl to stand still on the stage so the singer can dance around her..or just to use a girl for cover art or
booklet theme. And we work for black and death metal bands for free again and wont stop until we prove that we are not going anywhere and that bands actually really needs our help with models that works for the love of music
and not for money. Who wants to pay 100 euros for a picture and you still have to edit it yourself when you can get edited pictures for free and just pop your bands name on it.

First it was/is never my intention to mock your modelling agency...but you know that as well..yeah..funny guy...But it is more than appreciated for bands i think who are in need for models to model for an albumcover..
and that all for free!Talking bout that..what do you think of people getting money out of bands ,like for example asking money to create a design for albumcovers..personally i think its total bullshit!

I know you are just joking Danny. You always do! He he. I think it is a total bullshit! First working for free and then suddenly you get email with your made logo and the artists email on it so you definetly cant use it. And well..with email saying you owe him few bucks. Ok i dont care for few bucks but come on!!! Isn't a free CD and a big promotion since your name is on cd isnt enough?you need to take bands money as well?have you ever calculated how much money the band needs for just start playing and have rehearsals?and to have time for
it. and put their energy to it, and their thoughts, new guitars, drums and everything. And you need to take more money from them for those half an hour that you sit in front of computer to make a flyer.
I am sure that band would offer you free copy of cd or free concerts in the future for you. But no!
You have to take money! Danny..its pissing me off!Thats what I think about it! If you support someone you dont support it for 15 euros per logo or 50 euros for a flyer! Its sick! I understand you are trying to make a living with it but you cant live from only this. get yourself a job!

Yes...its people who ask money to make a flyer/banner for bands..GET A FUCKING NORMAL JOB,and dont ask  bands money with your bullshit!!!There are loads others who work for free...and are just as dedicated to make a great artwork for bands!

Exactly!And I have a list of them!Ha ha!

LOL better start deletion time than..ahahahahaha

Oh..since your from Slovenia (just out of curiousity)tell me something bout Slovenian BM some of  those people think/call its a wasteland..

Wasteland my ass. Slovenia has some black metal bands. Did you know that gorgoroth had  a SLOVENIAN drummer on tour with them?Here is your wasteland!! There is a lot of great bands here like Vinternatt, Grimoir, Mora,
Dekadent, Naberius, Bleeding Fist, Mrtva Gosa, Saban, Dalkhu, Torka and many many many more.
If you havent heard of these bands then you are obviously not really enthusiastic about discovering bands from "wastelands" . Slovenian bm scene is actually quite good. And you can see a lot of Slovenian bands performing
in other countries. So yes Slovenian BM scene cannot be labeled as wasteland cause the wasteland's bands will blow you away someday on stage and you will headbang until your head falls off and in the end you will ask where that band comes from and you will hear the so hated work : Wastelands of Slovenia!
And ohh and this also: Being labeled as wasteland only proves that slovenian bands are underground. The way we want it!

I rest my case...bout Slovenian BM

Well..i think this wraps it up...any final words?...or links to bands people have to check out?

All the links can be found on my website or MySpace profile:  (temporary site only!)
and .

Thank you Danny for this interview.
I am honoured that I am the first person you made interview with and
I wish you all the luck with your promotion work and all the rest of work you do!(amazing work I must say) and for everyone else. Thank you for support and all those lovely hate mails I get(btw from now on hate mail
goes to: so I dont get in a bad mood cause of jealous teenage emo chicks and wannabe black metal barbies and kens. That sums it up! Thank you again for everything! And keep on supporting UNDERGROUND BLACK METAL until you die!

Thank you Zana for you making  time and effort  to answer to my questions...and i only can follow

One more question to close the interview.
What do you think of the whole Infernus/Gorgoroth affair?I think it has become completely out of hand!

It has definitly went out of hand. I personally support Infernus. Founder of Gorgoroth for many reasons.
First of all for not being gay and wannabe satanist like other two. And second of all for living his life for music and for never changing his opinion and for never being a backstabbing bitch as before mentioned Gaahl and King. they have come to Gorgoroth a lot later and they can be glad that
Infernus even took them under the wings of Gorgoroth and thats how they repay it?All i can say is:
Drugs are bad! and too much wine in your head as well! Support Infernus as he is and will always be the leading  force of Gorgoroth no matter who has the certificate of the stolen Gorgoroth name.

I only can agree on this one...No matter what..Gorgoroth always will be Infernus..No compromise!

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