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Interview with Wrath Passion(NO)

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Interview with Daniel Markussen from the extreme Black Metal band Wrath Passion from Norway.

Not known by many outside the inner circle of the scene,But i believe in time everybody shall know of the name who spread Confusion,Chaos and hate!

Wrath Passion released their debut 'Careful Saint'last year,and got really good feedback from the listener,zines,and even radiostations!

Hails Daniel.First tell the readers a bit about your personal background.Where were you raised,and when did you become involved in the metalscene.

Hails brother! I grew up in a small village on a small island in Lofoten, way up north in Norway and far out into the atlantic ocean north of the Polar Circle where the sun shines 24 hours a day in the summer and where it's pitch black during this time of year. It's a very isolated but exotic place with aurora borealis, and extremely wild nature. This is the basic setting for my life and I got in touch with metal at 5-6 years of age and it was Black Sabbath and Mötorhead and such bands that caught my interest at that time, late 70s. Involvement in the metal scene has just been locally until this project wich is getting internationally recognized.

Since your from Norway,and most definitly this country has become 1 of the 'faces'for nowadays BM fans,guess it helped you as well as for the band getting noticed by the people.

I think people expect something out of the ordinary when it originates from Norway in this genre and may likely be subject to extra critical consideration.

03.Wrath Passion doesnt play the average Black Metal style,Its totally unique(personally i rarely hear of this kind of style in playing guitar.)

Who teached you to play guitar,and what made you decide pick up such extreme riffs.

No one teached me to play, I did play along with music I liked and picked up stuff here and there. I like to work with tonal harmonies and un-obvious progression in my songs and that makes it rather extreme.

For how many years you play guitar already,and do you also have interest in other instruments.Can we expect some some of those influences back in up-coming material?

Electric guitar twenty years and bass guitar ten years, I also have played drums but I don't own a drum-set so I get no rehearsal. I have a 200 kilos Hammond organ that has a great organic sound that possibly will be heard in the future.

Many bandmembers,especially in the Black Metal scene use a pseudonym,Why did you choose not to do so.Eventhrough i must admit there are countless imitations like names as 'Frost'for example.Its very confusing,and people intent to get mixed

I know it's a trend using such stage names, but for me it was not natural to do. I'm not playing any theatrical role, I'm just me nothing more.

When listening to 'Careful Saint' it came to my attention your not influenced by Black Metal alone.What other kind of music do you like as well?

Hard question, I like all music that makes my hair rise if you know what I mean;) Not necassarily restricted to the metal genres at all times but metal have always been my main influence and prefered genre. The tolerance of what's 'allowed' to do in the BM genre attracts me and after my opinion it's a genre still evolving.

As many bands i guess Wrath Passion also worked with recordet rehearsals in whole beginning.What could you tell between the past and future for Wrath Passion musical and lyrical wise.And has there ever been a demo or rehearsal put on cd.Ever thought your band would evolve in something you never could foresee it would turn out what it stands for today?Or do you just plan everything ahead.

No this band didn't start that way, it was a result of total conscious action that lead to the creation of this project. In writing music the same formula will be used and as on the first album different writers contribute with lyrics that is suitable. I hope to write lyrics myself also but until now I've been concentration on other aspects. No demos or things like that exist only a 'promo' instrumental version of Careful Saint were the songs are in an early stage, it was released as a free downlod by an american label. No I didn't foresee how this would evolve but I take it as a proof that the early foundation I laid down was successful.

Whats your opinion as you look to other bands in the scene,especially Norwegian ones proclaiming to be as true to the scene,and live to those certain 'rules'.For example never selling out.

I respect other peoples choices as long as they don't affect me, I guess it's good for them never selling out. Rules generally suck and I'm in opposition of rules as a principle.

The album.Exactly when and where was it recordet.How many time did you put in the writing process,recording it,and when was it officially released?

It was recorded right here on my pc in july - august 2007. I wrote and recorded it simultaniously so it took from a few hours to several days to complete each song on the album. It was supposed to be released in november 2007, but because of delay caused by the label it wasn't released before january 15th 2008.

What does the albumtitle stand for?Has it a certain personal message behind it?

It stands for Lucifer Satan because it anagrams Careful Saint.

Who thought of the cover,and who designed the logo for Wrath Passion?

The cover was thought of by me and Infest Records, we had a draft that NoKlass dszn in France made into the finished product. The logo on the album was designed by me but re-created in high resolution by the same company. The new logo is created by Christophe Szpajdel, Wrath Passion actually won it so I got it in a special way and are very pleased with it.

Explain to us why choosing the name Wrath Passion.Do you feel related to the name,or was it just first thing that came up.

Number one, I wanted a name with two words of different meaning or polarization. Next, it had do be an anagram for something that had a greater impact than the name itself. And since Wrath Passion met those criteria since it anagrams Worship Satan I chose that, and I was surprised that no one had already done it.

Not to long ago a official Wrath Passion shirt was to be released as merchandise through the label Misantropia from Sweden.How did that go in first place?How did you met up?

I got in touch because of a compilation CD that they distibute with the swedish zine Funeral March and I wanted to get Wrath Passion on that CD since it will be a two page interview in Funeral March with Wrath Passion in january 2009. I got the tip about the compilation from Patricia Thomas so I owe her a big thanks for connecting me with Misantropia, I've had these plans for t-shirts a while and Martin at Misantropia actually made it possible to realize now.

Wrath Passion is currently a 1-man army with a session vocalist going under the pseudonym of Orv from the band Draugsang.Can you tell a bit more about him.When did you meet up with Orv,and decidet he was the right person for the right job.Will he also be heard on new up-coming material?

Has Orv released some material from this own band as well in the past?

Orv do also play several instruments and I've known him all the time since we grew up at the same place more or less. He was my obvious first choice to work with because of his many qualities. He will be heard on up-coming material for sure. The band Draugsang released an album called Seil På Skyggans Hav on the german label Northern Silence in 2005 and also a split album with swedish Mörker.

Are there plans to create a full line-up some day?

Yes there are, but since Orv lives in the south of Norway and I live in the wasteland it is many things that has to be done to make it possible.

What are the lyrics all about,and what is it what gets you inspired.May it be avarage life,from books.etc.

The lyrics are about the destruction of the cultures conducted by christianity, the miserable state of humanity and so on. Personally I'm inspired by what's hidden for most people namely occultism and related topics.

I know you signed up for the Metal Camp poll.I suggest everybody should vote for Wrath Passion.Cause its once in a life time you get the change seeing such unique band as this performing live on stage.Are there any plans for other gigs,or to play at festivals?I believe it would blow whole stages awayx)

Yes Zana suggested that I should sign up, and for me it's a test just to see if it's possible to manage. The goal is to be able to play live but when the goal is reached is impossible to predict right now, if we happend to get the chance to play at Metal Camp it would make it easier to take the decisions that's necassary sooner.

The future for Wrath Passion as you see it as this moment.

As a live act the future holds anything, in the meanwhile I take it step by step.

Final words are for you Daniel.

I would suggest that all people buy at least one underground release for each CD they buy by mainstream bands. That would make it easier for underground artists to be able to deliver the goods. And since it's already mentioned has some fucking great t-shirts!

Allright.Thanks for your time answering my questions Daniel,and all the best with Wrath Passion for the near future to come!

Thank you very much Danny!



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