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Interview with Yaotzin (NL)

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Yaotzin!A wide spread phenomen in the Dutch BM underground scene.Unfortunaly they never really got the change to make a name in the foreign countrys.They already existed from the early nineties,as i know them of their debut 'Heaven...burning,bleeding'.Hopefully this interview will give them a change to get labelled with a recorddeal and head for stages all across Europe or even the globe,cause these pioneers deserve no less!

Greetings.Please enlighten the historical past of Yaotzin for us.Where was this beast raised from,and in what year did it all became a serious statement in the scene.

Yaotzin is orginally formed by Theo and Bas in the year 1995,in that year the first demo "the forest"gave the world our first message .in '96 we've recorded "moonrise"and early'97 īn the mist".after those demos we found a solid state of bound members and did some serious damage ."heaven burning bleeding"was our first studio recorded album and is now known as a underground cult classic.

Which bands got Yaotzin inspired to make Black Metal in the first place?And who draw the logo for Yaotzin.What does Yaotzin actually mean?And who thought of that name in the first place?

We were inspired by lots of bands that ruled the black/death metal scene those days.Emperor, Dissection,Marduk,Satyricon,Dark Duneral, Deicide, Carcass etc.though all our music always dominated the stage and rehearsal room,we've done some covers of a few of them.
Theo came up with the name Yaotzin ,wich is the name of the Aztec gate keeper of hell.
Though the name means a lot more then that to us.
the logo is drawn by Bas while he was riding his bike on his way home from the rehearsal room.
it has been edited later on his computer,you probably can imagine why...

You guys already exist from the early nineties.And were raised with other bands together than back in the scene like the mighty Bestial Summoning, Asphyx,God Dethroned,and some more i never heard about. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                          How was the scene back then were Yaotzin comes from,and changed it alot in your opinion.Ever did any gigs with some of the bands back than,and do you stil have contact with them?

Most bands of those days have died, and lots of them shouldn't even be born.
we had a love/hate relation with a festival programmer and played a lot,festivals seen dead ,only the strong have survived and have sponsored by mayor labels,some dickheads screwed up the music scene and made it really hard to get a performance nowadays.there are few bands in our contact list and we've made friends with some big ones in the scene,back then it was much easier to arrange a gig ,now most people seem to talk shit and sponsors became the kings.fuck the kings.

In the beginning of the nineties Scandinavia suffered alot of amount of church burnings.eventhrough the media put the attention on them,The Netherlands suffered church burnings itself also. 

How do you look upon all what happened in the past.And has your opinion changed through time concerning this all.Did the hype through media had a positive influence on the band in the scene,being seen as one of the most blasphemic Dutch BM band around.

Most churches in Holland are made of stone.stone has an amazing abillity of not burning easy....burning churches in Scandinavia is blasphemy far most Scandinavian churches (woodchurches)are of old religion that were heathen to Christian,burning a church is a waste of time,churches are getting empty and into serious depths,why supporting them financially by giving them money on a golden plate rather let them pay grow poor and die an ever lasting death.

Why did it took it so long to make a follow-up album of Heaven...since it was released in 1998.

Did Yaotzin suffered alot of line-up changes in the past,and who are now the full-time members.Do we know them from other bands/projects?

We've played a lot, made a lot of new songs, and threw them away just as easy,our own critisism did us part on releasing a new album in a short time, we al have played in several bands besides Yaotzin,and spend some time in places we rather not discuss ,we've always stayed angry and Yaotzin embodies our anger.

Personally i find deep respect in Yaotzin staying loyal to their fans and underground.Agree on me when saying Yaotzin always be seen as a true band never selling out,and always stay loyal to the underground,and the music they are making?Or are there plans to develop,yet staying true..but also wouldnt mind being signed to a major label.

Let us do our thing, pay us and we'll bring you music on a golden disc but..let us be true to ourselves and the things we stand for.
Most majors are corrupted by commerce ,it payes but does not satisfy.

The developments between 1st demo and the new album 'Mors Christii'.And tell us some more about the new album,where was it recordet,how long did you guys work on it.and are you proud of the result it brought for?

We've made it a home recording, build our own studio and wrecked our own equipment,we re-created our own style,added a lot of noise and agression.We have seen more of the face of the earth than we did back than.Mors Christti reflects the shit we've been through in the lost years between Heaven Burning Bleeding and this one.

Which songtitles holds the new album,does it have a certain meaning behind it and what presents the albumtitle itself?How much does it differ from past themes of Yaotzin their songstructure?

Title's are -Deathscape,Bloodwritten,God is dead,...of dead souls,Vortex,Christendom perished,Blood from my blood,Kill the pantheon....the new album does not differ from our roots ,the blackend vision just got clearer and ,we were abled to catch more hatred in our themes,we've ve always been this way ,but captured more of ourselves on this album,the titles seem pretty clear to us.

Theres a new video to be found on lastfm.called 'God is Dead'.The title says it all..does it also means a fuck off to certain people in the scene?Think about Christian Black Metal.Or just want to spread a message only a few can understand what it actually means.Who thought of the concept,and were was it produced.

The video has been made by one of our most loyal fans he has been a true friend for more than a decade,we can only thank him for this wicked games he playes .as well as he supports us we'd like to support him in his quest to make Yaotzin eternal.the video is our "God is dead"wich means as much as everybody is fucked bigtime.He is not there to help you unfortunaly lots of god copy cats show their face .i quess we have to make more cd's to scare them off.

Yaotzin is in search for gigs to promote the new album (for those who still didnt listen to some mp3's on their profile,i'll suggest you do that,cause than you know what i am talking about),what do you guys want to achieve with Yaotzin?Conquering new boundaries?If you ask me..Yaotzin are still those hungry wolves as from the period in which first album was being released.

Like we've told you as long as we stay angry Yaotzin will be there,we've been through lots of shit
mental breakdowns deaths let's call it life i think our music represents more life than before,
and that means we are still the hungry wolves among the sheep of god ,and we've tasted blood.

I have heard some live recordings from you guys recently on Myspace.Where were these recordings taken,and i dropped the conclusion it had to be a very intense gig,due the overwhelming responses from the audience.                                                                                                                                                                                                Its free for download.Where can the people who might be interested get the download?

Those live recordings are taken from a performance we gave at the Molfest festival.
we've cut this gig into pieces which can be seen on Youtube and they can be downloaded on our last-fm profile.

Besides that both albums are also available for free download,can i make out of this you guys dont care alot of making money with the band.Even i prefer original above downloads anyday,its also a way supporting the band.

Feel free to donate on our band-bank account!!!But seriously its hard to be heared when you are not signed by a majorlabel,and since they dominate the marked these days its hard to get your shit can download us for free but in case you want the orginal you can always contact us www. yaotzin. com

About stage performance.I know with the debut you guys still used to wear corpsepaint,but dropped it just as fast.Please,explain to us this change?Cause the musicstyle didnt seem to change with that.Got bored of using it?What does 'True'or 'not being true'to you it seems that word gets more often used,as we go into the future.

We have never dropped the use of corpsepaint or bloodpaint .And we certainly didn't got bored using it whetever to use it or not depends on the way we feel at that moment,the type of gig and of audience,being true is becoming a hype, and in that matter being true is not true at all,for instance if a punk anarchist stands up and say's fuck politics and everybody fucks politics than all of them become hypocrites for losing theire own believes and becoming politicians themselfs ,just be your fucking self and enjoy the ride...

Final words are for you.

visit our gigs,we planning a tour in 2009,buy out shit ,most of all enjoy our show our music enjoy us blowing your brains out.

Thank you very much,and hope to see you guys appear on stage very soon!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



Yaotzin anno 2008
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