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Interview with Labyrinth of Yawgmoth(NL)

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In the next interview i will be questioning Labyrinth.Bassist for Yawgmoth,and also other various projects.This multi-talented musician is in the middle of the stage recording a 2nd full length with the band Yawgmoth.

Hails!First Labyrinth,tell me a bit bout your past musical history,and what got you inspired to pick up a bass in the first place, as many rather prefer guitar above bass.

Hey Danny.Well, I always loved music. When a good friend of me learned me some basic stuff on an acoustic guitar, I bought one myself. Later on I bought an electric guitar, to write more black metal stuff, but it didn’t really satisfy me at that moment. I was in a BM project called ‘Ensom’ back then. When paradox joined us, he picked up the guitars and I started playing on our vocalist’s bass. Crappy thing, but I was sold, bought my own bassguitar (Ibanez GSR-200) and started playing more and more.I knew the guys from Yawgmoth for a few years, and when Ebenezer left, they asked me for audition.

So now I’m playing bass in Yawgmoth, wich has my first priority, and I’m also doing the management-shit.

Besides Yawgmoth I am, and have been, active in some other projects; Project I.D. (which evolved out of Ensom), Nuclear Winter, Mysterion, Bellum Animi and some other stuff.Besides making the music I write some lyrics, make some logo’s and artwork now and then, and organize a yearly metalfest called Eggfest, and organized some gigs in a local venue.At the moment I’m also playing guitar again, but still playing bass has my first love. I even got a bass key tattooed to represent that.So music, whatever it’s making, listening or organizing, is a really big part of my life.

What sort of bass equipment do you use?

I started out with an Ibanez GSR-200, wich I still have (and use).About a year ago I bought an LTD B-55, 5-string. I abuse a Hartke HA3500 top, and a Hartke XL 4x10" cabinet, witch has a good sound, and blows the neighbours out of their houses. So that’s good (:

To keep in tune I use a Korg DT-10.Also,an Ibanez acoustic bass-guitar is on his way.

Yawgmoth is your main band,and released their debut 'Macabre' already.When did you came in the band,and how did this process go,choosing you as permament bassist.

Well, when Azgard left, there was a silence around Yawgmoth, until they found Ebenezer. They did one gig with him at the Old Times venue, were I was working then. When Ebenezer left, they asked me if I wanted to come rehearse a few times, and see how it would go. The start was pretty difficult, but my skills grew rapidly, and I became the official new bassplayer, about a year ago I think.

I noticed you were quite active in the past with various different bands/projects.with the likes of Eclipse, Mysterion, and handling vocals in Nuclear Winter and Bellum Animi.can you tell me a bit more about that?And if you are still active in the other bands/side-projects.

True. As mentioned before all things began with Eclipse (first named Ensom, now evolved into Project I.D.). I have a really busy life, and Yawgmoth has my first priority. With all other projects, we don’t rehearse every week and shit, so it’s easier for me to make music besides Yawgmoth.

Well first, Project I.D. this has always been a special project for me. It begin as raw black metal, but now it’s more melancholic, doomy rock I guess. Clean vocals, violin, dreamy atmosphere.. like silken blades that tore..

Then Mysterion. It’s a project started by a good friend of mine, and a great musician. He send me some samples and asked if I was interested to records the basslines, and perhaps do some liveshows in the futere. I immediately said yes.

Nuclear Winter is a really interesting project, wich has many forms until now. A black metal project in which all boundaries will be lost, and spiritual depths will be explored.

Bellum Animi was started a few years ago. We were all musicians witch different backgrounds, witch was pretty interesting. First time we played together, we just started playing, and couldn’t stop playing. Tripping balls, man. We did 2 small releases on HCN Records, that I was running back then, but both BA and HCN died a silent death. Maybe will bring BA back to life one day..

Ever released stuff with those bands/projects?

As said, we released a rehearsal and a demo on HCN Records with BA. In the Eclipse era we recorded a demo, which was never released (if there’s somebody interested, just send me an email).

Of course now the recordings of the second Yawgmoth album, and busy writing material for a full length with Project I.D.

Back to Yawgmoth.

Like already mentioned,you guys are in the middle of recording a 2nd full length.

Where is the new album being recorded,and is it a better recordingstudio as of the 1st one,and where was the 1st album recorded.

What does the line-up exist out,how far is the process of recording the album,and how much does it differ from the debut.

We’re blessed with our own studio, so we can take all the time we need to record the upcoming album.

When Macabre was recorded, Yawgmoth was signed bij Krijs Records, and it was recorded in their studio. Unfortunatly, Krijs died and Yawgmoth released the album themselves.

Yawgmoth now exists of Delirium, Paradox, Aegonem and me, Labyrinth. We evolved from a more old school BM band, into more modern, expirimental black metal.That’s why we also changed our names, dropped the corpsepaint etc.

We’re pretty much half-way the recording process now, you can check our progress in the recording blog on our myspace.

Yawgmoth distant themselves from the past with presentation,not using corpsepaint anymore,and even wearing white shirts during gigs.Seems you have got some explaining to do.Personally i believe a stage presentation reflects the music of the band,with playing Black Metal usually is,wearing spikes and bulletbelts.. why this sudden change for the band. Maybe a new start?...Can you even still call Yawgmoth a Black Metal band.

Eventhough i know this term even got used by the likes of so called mainstream shitty bands like Cradle Of Filth. Or isnt the band style being placed reflecting a certain genre.

Hm, I don’t really think it’s a new start We grew and thus our music evolved.We don’t care about how the scene is, what is ‘true’ and what not, we just do our thing.Big chance that the third album will be very different from Macabre and the upcoming release.

Still, Yawgmoth is, and will always be, a black metal band, in my opinion.But for me, black metal isn’t about corpsepaint, satan and being evil.

Black metal gives me a certain feeling I can’t really explain, but where I find myself at home with.

Recently there has been a new fotosession with the band.I saw some of the pictures,it really does look different compare to the past.Even the location where the shots were taken resembles not even close, the gloomyness of the older ones.Where were the fotos taken,by whom,and why choosing a location like this one.

Yeah, I’m really satisfied with the results.

The pictures were taken by a close friend mine. She is also the one who came with the location, an old, ruined factory in Germany.

When I first saw the place, I thought it would be great for a photoshoot. That industrial style, the chaos inside.. it was worth the danger.

You can check some photos of the shoot and other photos she made at

The ideology behind the lyrics.Who writes the lyrics,and who's responsible for writing the music.

In what kind of process is it going for you guys,and do you ever agree about ideas put to the songs...or could it always be better.And your view bout seeing the world.

Delirium and Paradox write most of the lyrics, Aegonem writes some stuff as well.

Our ideas about the music are pretty much the same, so we don’t have any problems with that.

Somehow we all have the same view on the music and the lyrical theme.But my view about the world.. difficult question.

I think the world is what you make of it. Sometimes, reality is stranger than fiction.

Still proud bout the 1st release?Or could things be better on that on also.

I didn’t have much to do with it, hehe.

Personally, I think the songs are good, and the recordings are ok, but I’m really happy that we have this new sound.

Can you tell something bout your futureplans.Do you see Yawgmoth grow out as a world conquering BM band,yet remaining faithful to the underground?

Well, futureplans with Yawgmoth are of course recording the album, finding a label to release it and do gigs, perhaps a tour, etc..

We don’t have a strong feeling to support the underground, nor we want te be a commercial band. We just want to play our music, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

World conquering, yes of course! Prepare the globe..

For my other projects, I’ll just see what happens, I don’t want to rush anything.

Last words are for you Labyrinth...

Buy our music, syphon your money. Buy Macabre through our myspace, the NSP or MRP shop.

Fuck you all, peace and love.

Groupies and hatemail:

Thanks for your time,and goodluck with your musical path,and the recording of the new album!

Thanks for your interest. I wish you all the best with MRP.

Yawgmoth anno 2008
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